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[Histport] Período experimental para "Bloomsbury Medieval Studies "

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Global. Visual. Interdisciplinary. Explore this new digital medieval library!

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Welcome to Bloomsbury Medieval Studies! 

We're delighted to say that your library now offers access to this one-stop searchable platform which brings together a brand new reference work, acclaimed scholarly booksprimary materialsmaterial culture images, and interactive tools to support research and learning in this rich field of study.




Time to open up the medieval world...
PART I: The Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages


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An exclusive reference work

Explore this exciting new digital-first encyclopedia, commissioned by Arc Humanities Press, which brings together contributions from top international scholars and offers a non-Eurocentric approach.

The encyclopedia will offer access to 15 articles at launch, including:


·         Core Case Studies of queens and powerful women of the Middle Ages

·         Regional Overviews of Maya Civilization, Japan and Korean Kingdom of Silla

·         Thematic Overviews of intellectual discourse, migration and trade systems



The quest continues...
PART II: Scholarly books


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Constantinople: Capital of Byzantium

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A Cultural History of the Senses
in the Middle Ages

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The Kingdom of Rus'


Over 150 scholarly titles

Discover full digital access to works from leading medieval publishers, Bloomsbury, I.B. Tauris, ARC Humanities Press, and Amsterdam University Press. These range from primary texts to research monographs, companions and more, including these highlights:

·         Constantinople

·         The Great Caliphs

·         Winter is Coming

·         Bede Volumes 1 and 2 in translation 

·         14 of the Bloomsbury Cultural Histories series

·         Witch Beliefs and Witch Trials in the Middle Ages

·         Dante

·         A Short History of the Anglo-Saxons

·         The Past Imperfect series

·         Primary source readers 



Bringing the period to life...
PART III: Primary material: illuminated manuscripts, incunabula, maps


Digitized primary material

·         View 11 medieval maps from the British Library in close detail, including Holy Land maps from Matthew Paris and world maps by Anglo Saxons and Arabian geographers.


·         Delve into newly digitized and rare incunabula and illuminated manuscripts including The Canterbury Tales, The Vision of Piers Plowman and Malleus Maleficarum from Senate House, London

·         All primary sources will be available at high resolution with powerful zoom and rotate functionality to support close visual engagement. 

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Courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York



Contextualizing the Middle Ages...
PART IV: Object images and an interactive timeline


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Courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Enhance research with interactive tools

·         Navigate and contextualize key content using the global timeline which situates image and text content from across the resource within their time and geographical region

·         Examine object image photographs from the Metropolitan Museum of Art; including manuscripts, weapons, coins, stained glass, and textiles to deepen understanding of material culture and give substance to key themes



In a hurry? Top tip for discovery at a glance:
Explore the current featured content theme on the homepagethis will give you a curated flavour of what the site has to offer.


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