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[Museum] CALL for PAPERS - BCSP43 (eng)

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Subject :   [Museum] CALL for PAPERS - BCSP43 (eng)
From :   José d'Encarnação <>
Date :   Wed, 30 Aug 2017 14:28:44 +0100

Title: Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici


Discover the past to recover the present

Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici

CALL for PAPERS - BCSP43 (eng)

30 agosto 2017


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The editorial board welcomes two kinds of original contributions to be considered for publication: papers and short news. Papers published in BCSP are previously approved by the scientific committee and the editorial board. The texts must be in English, French or Italian. The publication of the next volume of the BCSP is scheduled for November 2017.

The text should about 60.000 characters including spaces (about 12 pages in font size 12), including bibliography and footnotes, max 10 illustration. The papers should comply with the editorial standards of BCSP

Short news
The text should about 15.000 characters including spaces, including bibliography and footnotes, max 5 illustrations

Papers submission deadline: October 15, 2017

Contact of the redaction
ore info to BCSP web site





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