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[Museum] Instruments of culture and peace: invitation to CO2019OC

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Subject :   [Museum] Instruments of culture and peace: invitation to CO2019OC
From :   ANIMUSIC international <>
Date :   Mon, 10 Jun 2019 22:17:15 +0100

Dear Friends,
our next Organological Congress will happen in the mountainous part of central Portugal, towards Spain, in a charming city called Belmonte. This is a special place for social history, hence the choice. Besides a full program, which comprises sessions and activities (concerts, lecture-recitals, workshops...), we are including visits to several points of interest, with the help of the Municipality of Belmonte, who is generously supporting our OC2019 gathering. As in the past, we also have time for discussions and a super banquet in one of the most amazing monuments in the region, an ancient monastery, now the Pousada de Belmonte.

Organological Congress
Congresso de Organologia

Instruments of culture and peace

8th International Scientific Meeting for the Study of Sound and Musical Instruments

You are welcome to join us in Belmonte in September for a singular partaking, the sharing and the fulfilment of being part of this always unique experience  –  each, and every one of us, contributes to this exceptional whole.
20-22 / 09 / 2019

Belmonte, central-east Portugal

Please send your proposal/s until the 15th of July (priority schedule); the acceptance by the organization and Scientific Committee shall be communicated to you no later than the 30th of July (if you don’t receive a reply by this date, please write to us, since it might be the case that we have not received your email).
For more information, please visit our website: link

Instruments of culture and peace

We openly set and share our thoughts on the importance of the tools for culture and gathering which, indeed, musical instruments are, in human life...
This call addresses, and bridges over, inclusionary reflections as these:
-The enjoyment of the "being" and "making" in music.
-Transposing tributary orientation from sociology into the music making and its correlation to the instruments played.
-Permeability of subject frontiers in the study of musical instruments.
-Elaboration of typologies and models for practical organological output.
-Theatrical representation in music making of the past, through replicas or original historical instruments, so to say, entailing a social reconstruction by the performance on period instruments.
-And on the other hand, of how the construction of musical instruments is viewed from a social-theatrical (as our "life is a stage") perspective.
-Great sociological currents* applied in organology.
-The development of answers to music through musical instruments, acoustics and technology.
-The mental representation, in an individual's stimulation, of the music sphere and its objects.
-The human action, and the biological instincts.
-The exceptional communication and “knowledge spillover” [Jane Jacobs] opportunities occurring through the study of musical instruments and music.
-The social-historical influence on what was done, and what is now perceived as was done, and of what is now done.
[*Comte, Spencer, Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Solomon, Leroi-Gourhan, Parsons, Mead, Lewin, Girod, Tolmon, Lewin, etc., to name a few examples of leading sociologists.]
Dr Patricia Lopes Bastos / ANIMUSIC

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