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[ThEdu] ThEdu'22 gentle reminder

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Subject :   [ThEdu] ThEdu'22 gentle reminder
From :   Pedro Quaresma <>
Date :   Wed, 10 Aug 2022 10:31:37 +0300

Dear ThEduers

ThEdu'22 is tomorrow!!!

ThEdu'22 (FLoC directives) is a  physical workshop. 

Nevertheless I have prepared two Zoom sessions to allow all of you to assist (I'm hoping that the local conditions will allow it).

08:45 - 12:45 (Jerusalem (GMT+3))  - morning session
Register in advance for this meeting:

13:45 - 17:45 (Jerusalem (GMT+3)) - afternoon session
Register in advance for this meeting:

Hope to see you there (physically, or not)

Pedro Quaresma

P.S. if for some reason future information about the hours seem strange... ignore it, I'm using my University Zoom link, so Lisbon (Coimbra) time. All the schedule will be run accordingly to Jerusalem/Israel time-zone.

At\'e breve;Deica Logo;\`A bient\^ot;See you later;Vidimo se;A tra poco;Do zobaczenia

Professor Pedro Quaresma
Mathematics Departament, Science and Technology Faculty
University of Coimbra
Elec. mail:
phone: +351 239 791 137; fax: +351 239 832 568

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