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[ThEdu] Thedu'20 is cancel, let's meet at ThEdu'21

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Subject :   [ThEdu] Thedu'20 is cancel, let's meet at ThEdu'21
From :   Pedro Quaresma <>
Date :   Thu, 2 Apr 2020 19:46:49 +0100

Dear ThEduers

The Steering committees of IJCAR and FSCD have just decided that both conferences will be held as Virtual Conferences, which entails that the physical event is cancelled.

The ThEdu'20 workshop was associated to IJCAR, so the physical event in itself is cancelled.

It is our feeling that a virtual meeting might not allow us to fully reproduce the usual face-to-face networking opportunities of our event. So, unfortunately, the ThEdu'20 had better be cancelled.

Given that many of you may already have planned and worked for this moment, we feel that ThEdu'20 can still "live" in the form of an EPTCS volume, a ThEdu'20 special volume of EPTCS.

Please, if you wish to contribute to such an EPTCS volume, let us know. If we see enough expressions of interest we will issue a corresponding call for papers.

Thank you, let's meet again at ThEdu'21


The Chairs of ThEdu'20
João Marcos
Walther Neuper
Pedro Quaresma

At\'e breve;Deica Logo;\`A bient\^ot;See you later;Vidimo se;A tra poco;Do zobaczenia

Professor Pedro Quaresma
Mathematics Departament, Science and Technology Faculty
University of Coimbra
Elec. mail:
phone: +351 239 791 137; fax: +351 239 832 568

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